Nail Services

Long Nails £3 extra | Coffin/Stiletto £2 extra

Bouji Commandments

Our Laws. Our Values. Your Pleasure

Bouji Commandments are a set of laws to ensure you enjoy and maintain a happy, fun, comfortable & efficient service always, during and after you book with us:

1. Thou shalt have fleeky nails

2. Thou shalt spread thy Bouji Love

3. Thou must relax & enjoy thy pampering

4. Thou shalt love thy Nail / Lash Tech   

5. Thou must try new things

6. Thou must have class

7. Thou must not use nails as tools

8. Thou shalt refill nails/ lashes every 2-3 weeks

9. Thou must keep hands still when polishing

10. Thou shalt feel Bouji