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All Full Sets include Gel Polish
Acrylic FullSet

Short/ Medium

Sculpted Nails from
Hard Gel

Under 18's Fullset from

Acrylic Infill
Hard Gel
Under 18
Nail Repair
Soak Off
Soak Off & Mini Mani

Gel Polish
Gel Polish removal & Repaint


Manicure (no polish)  

Deluxe Mani

Pedicure (no polish)

Deluxe Pedi

Big Toe Extension

Full Toe Extensions

Infill Big Toe Nail Extension 

Infill Full Toe Extension



  • Freehand Art from £2 (per nail)
  • Fullset Freehand from £12
  • Smile Line £8 
  • Ombre Nails £10
  • Marble Nails £10
  • Crystals £3 for 10
  • Swarovski Crystals from £1 each
  • Designer Nail (Gucci, LV)from £6
  • 3D Nail or Flowers  from
  • Crystal Pixie Nail from £4
+ Custom Nails

Any style you want, we can create!


Body Sculpting.


Classic Lash Extensions                                       £45

(Single lash extensions applied to each natural lash, giving a natural look)

Hybrid Lash Extensions from                            £55

(Multi-lashes applied on each natural lash , mixed with classic, giving a fuller volume appearance)      

Russian Volume Lash Extensions from          £65

(Multi-Lashes on each lash creates an extremely full look)



Classic Refill                                                            £40

Hybrid Fill                                                                £42                            

Volume Russian Fill from                                   £50                              

Removal from                                                         £10                           

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Robb Walters

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