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About Bouji

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At Bouji nails we pride ourselves on our couture & professional service. Renowned for our Acrylic Extensions and Nail Designs, we keep on-trend with all the latest styles & fashions.  We also provide Individual Eyelash Extensions.

My Story

Bouji Nails began with Sharna, who realised that the Nail Industry was limited and lacked love, fun & creativity. After qualifying she leapt head on into the nail game with her unique and fun nail designs, she fell in love with making people happy. 11 years later she evolved into Bouji Nails with a fabulous team behind her.At our intimate Nail Bar we want you to leave falling in love with your nails again and again!


1. Thou shall have fleeky nails
2. Thou shall spread thy Bouji Love

3. Thou must relax & enjoy thy pampering
4. Thou shalt love thy Nail / Lash Tech
5. Thou must try new things
6. Thou must have class
7. Thou must not use nails as tools
8. Thou shall refill nails/ lashes every 2-3 weeks
9. Thou must keep hands still when polishing
10. Thou shall feel Bouji

Contact Us!

228 North Circular Road
Wembley, London
Nw10 0JU

07904 870 686

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